The Adventuring Party

Travis Frederick

CTO & Co-Founder

After retiring from the NFL following nearly a decade as the Dallas Cowboys’ Center earning accolades such as All-Pro and team captain, Travis bring's his leadership skills from the field to the table as co-founder of Demiplane. 

With a degree in computer engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Travis breathes life into the technology behind Demiplane, providing players with an innovative and in-depth toolset to expand the way tabletop games can be played and enjoyed, delivering an entirely unique digital gameplay experience that’s engaging on all levels.
Prior to co-founding Demiplane, Travis founded 'Blocking Hunger' where he still serves as President and continues to work to provide support for inner-city and low income children who struggle with hunger throughout the Metro Dallas area.

Adam Bradford


A catalyst in the tabletop roleplaying space, Adam’s passion is storytelling and helping others connect through their stories. As Chief Development Officer, Adam works directly on Demiplane’s product and community development efforts and is responsible for user growth and experience.
Prior to joining Demiplane, Adam founded D&D Beyond, the well-known digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons, where he eventually assumed the role of VP of Tabletop for Fandom, who had acquired D&D Beyond in 2018. Prior to answering the call for adventure in the TTRPG industry, Adam spent a decade in the Defense, Aerospace and Medical industries working across a variety of roles.

Peter Romenesko

CEO & Co-Founder

An entrepreneur with over a decade of experience, Peter Romenesko serves as Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Demiplane. Peter, who is a Game Master at heart, is helping expand the ways in which fans of tabletop roleplaying games can play, share, and explore all of the best parts of their adventures.
Prior to co-founding Demiplane, Peter served as Partner and Entrepreneur in Residence at Titletown Tech, a venture capital partnership between Microsoft and the Green Bay Packers. In addition, Romenesko has held leadership roles in Corporate Innovation, Product Development, and Global Business Development.